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Cheapest Price for Beat the Flu: How to Stay Healthy Through the Coming Bird Flu Pandemic by A.A. Avlicino


Beat the Flu: How to Stay Healthy Through the Coming Bird Flu Pandemic


A.A. Avlicino



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'Beat the Flu: How to Stay Healthy Through the Coming Bird Flu Pandemic' by A.A. Avlicino.

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DescriptionAccording to most experts, bird flu is coming. It's not a question of if, buthen. In 1918 up to 50 million died in the Spanish Influenza outbreak; withncreased global travel, this next pandemic could be even worse. The avianlu virus, H5N1, could kill millions upon millions, if it mixes with a humantrain of influenza. It poses more of a threat to global society thanerrorism, natural disasters or economic collapse. Our governments are awaref the threat, but are radically unprepared to protect us. "Beat the Flu"hows you how to protect yourself, and your loved ones from bird flu, as wells regular flu. Full of life-saving tips, from the best way to clean yourome, and where to purchase effective air filters, to how to get hold ofntiviral medication before it runs out, "Beat the Flu" also explores what too if society breaks down following a major pandemic.
Release Date2006
AuthorAl. A. Avlicino
FormatDimensions 13.3x22.0x1.6 cm
214 pages

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