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Cherub: Maximum Security Bk. 3
Robert Muchamore

bob sturges, london

cherub book 3
its amazing, i have been reading the entire collection over and over again

The Mighty Warrior of Tamora
Victor Akinrinmade

Victor Akinrinmade, London

Quitters Don't Own.
This is a novel that is illustrated with poetry and letters. It shows the difficulty of growing up, beauty of falling in love and retaining the love. This is a book you will return to over and over again, and it is for both young and old alike. It is a book to have! This is a story about Ben who is a slow starter in life. His classmates makes fun of him whenever he talks in class, they nickname him 'Out of Point'. His parents were both very sad at is result, but is father is suprisingly understanding. In the night, he came into his room, sat in his bed for what seems a long time before he broke the silence. Placing his hand on Ben's hand, he said 'your mum and I will always love you no matter what my son. Things don't always look the way they seem; and it is the biggest tree in the forest that often have the most terrible time in growing up. 'Your grandfather use to say to me when I was a child that 'a man who is a man knows what he wants, make a decision and act upon it; he does not allow himself to be pushed around... he is is own master.' So Ben, when ever you fall, you just pick yourself up and move on and learn from your mistakes. You always have a chance to sink or swim; so when you fall the first time, you try and try and try again. I've never seen a quitter that ever own my son. After this encounter with is father, things never remain the same. buy a copy and see what you think!

Universal Waite Tarot Deck and Book Set
Authur Edward Waite


Wow, that's a really celevr way of thinking about it!

Captain Corelli's Mandolin
Louis De Bernieres

David Edwards, Chester

Too historical
I bought it because of the lovely film but he can be a very heavy author sometimes.

Till Death Us Do Part
Garry Jackson

Seymour Taylor, London

A Adult Account of Adultery And Betrayal
I read this novel on the recomendation of a friend and after reading that Danny Dyer was going to star in a movie version of the book. And I am so glad I purchased this brilliant story of love and revenge. Unlike most books this has three main characters. The evil perverted thug Richard Grimson. Julie, a beautiful married mum of three with a secret sleazy past and wronged husband Joey Jonson. I can just imagine Danny Dyer as the devoted dad turned vigilante. Till Death Us Do Part is more then just a crime thriller or another gangster tale. It is also a romantic story that touches parts that other modern day romances fail to reach. My only criticism is that it doesnt explain why a mum-of-three walked out on her loving family to be with a pimp and child abuser. Would she really destroy a family just because a pervert was going to reveal her brief career as a pub stripper? Surely she would not have fallen in love with her blackmailer. But apart from that it is a page-turner that will make a great movie.

Bringing Forth the End of Days
Simon Law


Highly recommended
Bringing forth the end of days is a science fiction novel of post apocalypse survival, and is the debut novel of Simon Law. The year is 2013 and World War 3 has scorched the earth, on top of a biological attack that has destroyed all plant life, leaving a world without life giving oxygen. Civilisation has been destroyed, with just a few pockets of survivors clinging on to a bleak existence with the aid of oxygen and food generating machines, only able to venture outside for short periods with an oxygen mask and cylinder. Living in the remains of the south-eastern UK town of Crawley are four such survivors, adults Tom and Susan with children Jacob and Steven have banded together and holed up in an air-tight house with one of the life giving machine providing air and food. These machines, known as Photo-synthetically Generated Oxygen and Glucose Machine's (PGOGM) are powered by solar energy and rainwater and appear to require little or no maintenance. They soon find another two survivors, Jobe and Karen, quickly becoming a tight-knit little community. They are not the only survivors however, lurking the streets are the deadly Jehovah Enforcers, twisted mutants that carry portable PGOGM units surgically attached and have their external orifices stitched shut. Bringing forth the end of days has much to reccomend it, with firmly realised characters and a very good attention to detail, with the science of the holocaust clearly and realistically explained, you can tell that a good level of research has gone into the details. The fact that it's all so plausible and set in the very near future makes the plot all the more disturbing. This is further reinforced with the authors local area used as the backdrop to the story, giving a greater sense of reality. There is a clear division of style with the first half of the story telling a very detailed, concise and believable survivalist story of individuals coping with life in this holocaust hell, but then roughly halfway through, the story explodes with violence and continues the violent (and quite graphic) horror theme until the very end. This change of pace is handled very well and draws you deeper into the plot, having built up such a rappor with the characters in the first part of the novel. This does make the graphic portrayal of violence all the more disturbing, a trick that many much more experienced writers have failed to achieve. The visual sense from the novel means that this story would make a very good screenplay, and the authors love of film is clear. It is however clear that this is a first novel, with a few rough edges here, there could be said to be too much detail in the first half, and there and a slightly weak ending, but overall the intelligence, scope and energy that Simon Law has managed to breath into "Bringing forth the end of days" more than makes up for any lack of experience. Highly recommended.

Bringing Forth the End of Days
Simon Law

John Lloyd ,

A distinctive look at a near-future end-of-days scenario, with great energy and memorable scenes.
Imagine the hell of a dying world, less than a generation from now. World War Three has been and gone - ended with conventional bombs galore but started by a plague on all plant-life, that removed all the oxygen from the planet's atmosphere. As a result, the few survivors must live in air-tight houses with special oxygenating equipment - the ultimate in air conditioning - or, they must have got in early with a special biomechanical adaptation that allows them mobility and independence, but at a freakish cost. Worse, religion has mutated - the Jehovah's Witnesses are now the most violent gang, rushing to nudge what's left of humanity towards its final judgment. Worse still - even worse than all of that - you're living in Crawley. Such is the scenario faced by four human survivors, one of whom has been adapted as mentioned. They're soon to meet a fifth and sixth survivor, to form a very raggle-taggle community. And throughout all the trials and tribulations as they struggle to survive, one of the band will emerge as appearing to be more than what at first they might seem. This is a very engaging set up for an end-of-days scenario, and while the book has more holes in the more you think about it (why don't the Jehovah's Enforcers just play their upper hand and demolish all the air machines?), there is little room in the breathless story (no pun intended) to actually pause for that thought. This doesn't fully apply to the beginning, however, as the mixture of flashbacks to form and define characters, daily action, and exposition needed a little more punch. But before long there are more than punches - we get drop-kicked and more into submission. One scene is particularly fond of the claret, and this turns out to be quite a violent book - forever justified and reasoned, thankfully. The science in the science fiction was introduced well, and all of it I remembered from my school days seemed to ring true. The author doesn't quite create a fully realised life a decade from now though. People still play CDs - and argue the merits of Kylie, pre- and post-cancer. The most upmarket, automated cars still have real old-fashioned door-keys. I'll be generous as well and say he fully intended the dialogue to be as mundane and bland as this. There are certainly meaty scenes of argument between firmly realised characters, but a lot of the humdrum existence before things start to kick into gear is just that - humdrum. And to clear my sheet of critical comments, I felt I guessed too much of the answer too early. But that seems churlish when considering how quickly and how happily I paced through the book after that - there was still a lot to go that confirmed my suspicions - to some extent - and that was the core of the book, which was a core that is wholly to the author's credit. This will go down as a science fiction adventure of laudable scope and energy. The drive of the plot, in both scenario and psychology of characters, is spot on, and the cinematic depiction of the empty waste of south-east England welcome in this genre, and brings to mind something like Danny Boyle's films.

A Thousand Splendid Suns
Khaled Hosseini

Melanie Davies, Birmingham, UK

A book you won't want to put down
This book was simply a brilliant read. If you are fascinated by cultures different to your own, as I am, and intrigued by lifestyles beyond your imagination, then this is the book for you. It tells of life in Afghanistan through troubled times through the eyes of the ordinary people there. It is filled with emotion and has you glued to each and every page. It took me just over a day to read it, not being able to put it down for long, only pausing to eat and reluctantly sleep. You become attached to the two female central characters and find yourself heartbroken with them when they face very trying times and yet so hopeful for them as the future brightens for Afghanistan. If you buy only one book this summer, buy this one.

Bringing Forth the End of Days
Simon Law

Rachael Prior, Crawley

Excellent Mystery/Suspense all the way through.
I have to be honest I'm not normally a Horror fan, but this was such an enjoyable read. I would put it more in a 'great suspense' category rather then horror. A few moments are a bit gruesome but this doesn't deterrent away from the great writing and clever way of bringing all the facts and hidden mysteries together. The pace of the book was great, you slowly, chapter by chapter learn more about the character and what devastation brought them all together. There’s allot of plot twists and you never really know how it's going to end. It always a great read when you are completely wrong on where it’s going and shocked where it leads you and how it ends. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who loves a sci-fi mystery; I could honestly not put this book down after the first few chapters and read it in 3 days flat.

Spirit of Resistance: The Life of SOE Agent Harry Peulevé DSO MC
Nigel Perrin

Paul Lester, London

This is an amazing and incredibly moving story of a secret agent in France during the war. Not only did he walk across the pyrenees on crutches and create his own secret army, but he also survived torture and escaped from buchenwald concentration camp. It's very easy to read and includes a lot of interesting background on the resistance in France.

Love on a Stroll
Victor Akinrinmade

Victor, London

The author's poetic style is lyrical
An example of the poet's elliptical style of narrative is the poem 'I Wonder Why', which is about the sublimation of jealousy. Reading into the poem, the narrative freight is simply this: the object of the author's love has a deep emottional attachment to another person, female. Who this woman (or child?) might be is not clarified, and it is for the reader to interpret, based on the cumulative effect of the foregoing poems. The author's poetic style is lyrical, combining non-rhyming, freely structured verse with strict, brief stanzas wherein freedom of expression is tightly checked by a strong sense of rhythm and scansion. The author clearly has a good instinctive feeling for the pulse of language. In terms of conveying meaaning, the author's style is elliptical, allusive (sometimes elusive), and it is in this characteristic that the 'quasi' element of its quasi-narrative underpinning resides. The reader is given very little grounding, and is left to construct his or her own 'story' from the allusive bricolage in the stream of thoughts, feelings and images which make up the poems. With love poetry, this can be a significant strength, because it allows for applicability: a degree on non-specificity is almost a requisite in love poetry (and indeed love songs, from which the audience demands the same kind of personal emotional engagement) enabling it to fit the reader's own experience. Regarding the emotional freight contained in the poems, the overriding impression is one of sentiment blended with intimate emotional realisms: these are not slushy, sentimental verses for doe-eyed lovers. They are by turns passionate, wistful and forceful. They convey the many facets of love: sexual attraction; dependency;; fear of loss; aesthetic appreciation of the loved one; protectiveness; possessiveness and so on. What we see here is love in all its three dimensions and all its lights, positive and negative. In conclusion, this is a passionate and powerful collection of love poems. What distinguishes it is the overall cohesiveness of the work and the author's strong sense of language; primarily its rhythmic qualities. As I have observed, although it reflects the experiences and inner self of the author himself, its allusive, elliptical qualities make it applicable to the experences of just about any reasder. Everyone who comes to this volume will find his or her experience poeticised within its pages. This is a considerable strength.

Wealth Buys Freedom: The Complete Step-by-step Guide to Creating Wealth and Becoming Financially Free
Emlyn Scott

Mick, Manchester

Utter Rubbish
Not only is this book badly written and researched, it tells you nothing and what it does attempt to tell you is all over the place. My advice to wealth creation would be save your money and don't buy this rubbish.

Luuurve and Other Ramblings (Confessions of Georgia Nicolso)
Louise Rennison

Lauren, Pompey

Although i haven't read this yet, i am looking forward to it and cannot wait until it finally hits the shelf. I am a big fan of Georgia Nicolson and own all of the books. They should never end!

The Fearless Horse: Effective Training Strategies for Horse and Rider
Roger Day

patricia douglas, dorset

the fearless horse
marvellous book! great for helping you bring on young horses to be quiet and easy and solve problems with older horses - especially for eventing. well set out with lots of good pictures. Quite technical but gives many common sense answers, practical advice and reasons why horses do what they do - essential book to keep on the tackrooom table... PD

Constance Briscoe

bahja, london

oh my god
this is the most saddest book i have ever read the things this gal goes threw is so stomach turning i will read it every single day!

The Little Red Book of Acoustics: A Practical Guide
Richard Watson

Chris, Manchester

Great Book for Students
If you are on any audio/acoustics type course this will be handy. SPL, octaves, RTs all explained here.

Real Life Dramas - Volume One: 1
Darren G. Burton

Shannon L. Yarbrough, USA

True Life Drama to Keep You Up at Night!
In Real Life Dramas, Burton has written nine captivating stories that will definitely make you hold your breath, and turn your knuckles white as you grip the pages tight in your hands. The foreword of the book claims these are indeed real life events that did take place with real people, which only makes the suspense in reading this book that more intense. We begin with a story called 'Mauled' about a surfer who escapes the clutches of death during a mad shark attack. Even Peter Benchley would be afraid of the water after reading this story! Next is 'Captive,' and it will definitely have you checking over your shoulder to see if anyone is watching. A teenage girl is taken hostage while walking home from work late at night. The agonizing terror and thoughts of what will happen to her overcome her mind, and the reader goes on a step by step journey with the poor girl as she tries to escape her captor. Next is a very short story called 'Shallow Grave.' It begins with a woman out for a stroll with her beloved dog. I immediately had thoughts of some sort of avalanche or mud slide happening and the lady being buried alive. I was wrong. Instead, the woman is thrown into a very traumatic situation when her dog discovers the decomposing bodies of two dead boys. I have to admit that Burton definitely knows what strings to pull. His stories are not written in typical reporter style. They are totally unpredictable, and each will take you on a horrifying journey that will probably keep you up at night or haunt your dreams when sleep does finally come. You'll be thinking about each of these tales long after you've turned the last page. Next is the story of a couple and how they and their home survive a forest fire, followed by a man who gets attacked by thugs after leaving a club one night. These two stories may not seem as horrific as the ones mentioned earlier, but what makes them just as extreme is how the author builds up to the climactic moment. On each page, the author puts the reader right there in the real life scenario. We are with the central character as they enjoy surfing, or as they are walking home at night, or leaving a club after a game of pool. The sudden and unpredictable events that are waiting for them just a few minutes ahead are as much as a surprise to the reader as they are to the person in the story. For those who enjoy a good true-life thrill or can appreciate or relate to an amazing tale of survival, you will definitely want to read Darren Burton's first volume of Real Life Dramas. I certainly look forward to the next!

How To Keep Your Man: And Keep Him For Good
Darren G. Burton

M. Elsley, Australia

The Title Says It All
I am generally not a good reader with books, unless they really get me in. Certainly this one has. How To Keep Your Man is full of helpful tips and advice, and my recommendation is to definitely read this one. Once I started reading it I didn't want to put it down. It taught me more about how a man thinks and feels in a relationship. What he responds positively to and what he reacts negatively to. A few of my girlfriends are now reading this book as well, and even one of their partners. Congratulations, Darren G. Burton. One of the most helpful, insightful and interesting books I have read. It has certainly given me a greater understanding of my partner and put a lot of my relationship issues into perspective!

The Secret History of Christianity: How the Church Exploited the Myth of Christ
Malcolm Brocklehurst

David Rodwell, London

This book has made everything clear to me. The book informs the reader about the links between Saunierre, The Templars, the Holy Grail and the heretic art of Botticelli and Da Vinci. The book is well researched and opened my eyes to a whole new concept of humanity. a good read that I couldn't put down.

The Elements of Lore - Volume 1 of The Books of Lore
Harry S Hope

Julie Watt, Yorkshire

Bloomin' Brilliant
This book has everything you want - magic, mystery and that real life sense that it could all happen to you. It's a bit like Harry Potter meets Star wars I guess. In the novel we kearn the magical secrets of the elements and enjoy a fast paced adevnture that will suit readers of all ages. I get the feeling this book is going to be big! Journey into the secret world fo Lore, enjoy comical charcters and the most imaginitive creatures you can think off. A perfect read for teens and adults wanting to recapture that feeling of magic in their lives. Roll on book 2 I loved it. Sales also raise money for the Cytsic Fibrosis Trust.

Wealth Buys Freedom: The Complete Step-by-step Guide to Creating Wealth and Becoming Financially Free
Emlyn Scott

John Barker, London

Excellent...must read.
It is rare I write a review, but this time I thought that I must. This book at first terrified me about the bleak future that awaits us if we don't take action, but very soon after it inspired me with confidence that I can become financially free. His wealth formula is a simple yet powerful reminder of the skills we need to make it and his thorough and detailed knowledge is nothing short of remarkable. Buy it, read it...then re-read it.

The Valley of the Wolves
Laura Gallego Garcia

Eva, Australia

A Great Book
It is one of the most fantastic books I have ever read. It captured my imagination and inspired me to do things I never thought possible. The only thing that I don't like about this book is that it ends too soon. It feels like it is unfinished, too rushed and in need of a followup book. Having said that, it it a wonderfull book and one to read agian and again.

Martina Cole

Ronnie Robinson, Essex

Faces - Martina Cole
I was very disappointed with this book. It seem to me Martina ran out of ideas whilst she was writing, and appears to repeat the sacrifices the main character went through. I think this book is lacking in plot, content, and imagination. I can only hope Martina will bear this in mind when she writes her next one

Yes, Please. Whatever!: How to Get the Best Out of Your Teenagers
Penny Palmano

Kubat, Kyrgyzstan

I would like to contact with Penny Palmano and Fanchesko
I sow book in bookstore? there i saw family of Penny Palmano I would like to writ to her daughter/ Please help me!! how can get her email? If you know? my email

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Book 7) [Children's Edition]
J. K. Rowling

Tracey Manning, South Shields

Just Finished
Just finished the final harry potter book and i must say loved the ending and final twists. dont want to spoil it for any one though. but halfway through i thought it was becoming a bit tame and repetative, but the last quarter of the book is excellent, much better than i could ever have anticipated. thank you JK for letting us in to harry's world

Underneath It All: A Collection of Poetry from the Depths of My Soul
Poetic Evolution

Janet Irizarry, UK

I Cried
I felt such a deep connection and realness. She touched things deep within me and brought forth great emotion. Truly a magnificient book a outstanding poet.

Oliver James

James Miller, London

A valuable reference work.
Oliver James's skill as a writer has captured the essence of an informative and interesting read with an understandable academic content, which makes this book a valuable reference work.

Clouds Are Always White on Top - Flying the Box the B-17 Flying Fortress Came In
Nolan Lewis

Dave, England

Why isn't this a best seller
This has got to be the best book I have read this year! On every page you can tell that the writer has experienced what he's writing about and it soon sucked me in to the hero's story. Well worth a read.

With No One As Witness
Elizabeth George

Dysee, Spain

Sad, but excellent
I did enjoy this book, and I find that, as opposed to other people, EG does have an excellent command of english. These days there are so many americanisms in our language anyway, it would be really difficult to know what language an english person would or would not use. The only thing that worries me is that this seems to be the end of Lynley & Co. They've all ended up with ends tied up in their personal lives, which leads us to assume that this is it....So what's next ? I don't have the book in front of me...have returned it to the library, but I love the phrase where Lynley, deciding about Helen, describes how he feels..The thing that describes her against the thing that defines her. An elegant way to put his dilemma. Well done EG. I shall remember that phrase for a long time.

They F*** You Up: How to Survive Family Life
Oliver James

maxine shepherd, norfolk,england

wow a must read for everyone!!!
As im not a big lover of readig books i must say right from the start i was pulled in to reading this! Wow if you ever have any kind of thought about how you became to be you, just read this.This man not only tells you who you are,but he also tells you why!i only wish id read thius book before i had my own kids... Wow this man knows his stuff,he even tells you how to turn any thing bad in to good,and it really does work as im living proofi really understand myself alot more.i think if you pick it up and read the first pages you will find it very hard to put down again. really good reading for anyone...

Jacqueline Wilson

Jenny, Falkirk

i THOUGHT IT WAS Brillant!!! And I would Definetly read read it again you should read it and find out why it is so brillant.

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