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Cheapest Price for Roof Construction and Loft Conversion by C.N. Mindham


Roof Construction and Loft Conversion


C.N. Mindham



List Price £3950.00
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'Roof Construction and Loft Conversion' by C.N. Mindham.

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DescriptionContaining over 150 superb and detailed construction drawings, Roof Construction and Loft Conversion covers: * cut roofs * bolted truss roofs * trussed rafter roofs * roof windows and dormers for lofts * trimmed openings * ventilation A major section deals with loft-to-attic-room conversions, giving guidance on planning procedures, as well as dealing with structural matters and specifying conversion work. The Third Edition takes account of the design and construction changes required by BS 5268 Part 2:1996 and Part 3:1998. It introduces the reader to the forthcoming Eurocode requirements and includes updated information on the various truss plate systems. The book will prove invaluable to architects, housebuilders, roof carpenters, building control officers, trussed rafter manufacturers and students of building technology.
Release Date1999-08-11
AuthorC. N. Mindham
FormatDimensions 19.0x25.0x1.3 cm
224 pages
Subject(s)Technology & Engineering / Civil / General
Technology & Engineering / Environmental / General

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