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The Classic British Rook and Rabbit Rifle


Colin Greenwood



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'The Classic British Rook and Rabbit Rifle' by Colin Greenwood.

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DescriptionAlthough Rook rifles were one of the mainstays of British gunmaking in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, and were produced by every gunmaker of note, very little has been written about them. The appearance of this detailed and meticulously researched volume, the first book to be published about these superb rifles, is therefore long overdue. AUTHOR: Colin Greenwood's involvement with firearms has been long and wide ranging. He has shot competitively with smallbore and fullbore rifles and pistols. Colin served for twenty-five years in the West Yorkshire police, retiring as a Superintendent. In 1969 he was awarded a research fellowship at Cambridge University's Institute of Criminology to study the effect of firearms legislation on the use of firearms in crimes, accidents and suicides. The results of his research were published in Firearms Control [Routledge & Kegan Paul 1972]. On retirement Colin embarked on a freelance career as editor of Guns Review magazine.Resident - West Yorkshire 272 b/w & 20 colour photos
Release Date2006-08-03
AuthorColin Greenwood
FormatDimensions 19.1x24.1x2.2 cm
176 pages
PublisherCrowood Press
Subject(s)Antiques & Collectibles / Firearms & Weapons

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