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Cheapest Price for Of Mice and Men: York Notes for GCSE 2010 by Dr Martin Stephen


Of Mice and Men: York Notes for GCSE 2010


Dr Martin Stephen



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DescriptionGCSE students studying John Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men should be able to demonstrate an understanding of the novel in the context of American society in the 1930s, in particular the Wall Street Crash in 1929 and the Great Depression which followed. With the York Notes study guide for Of Mice and Men you'll learn not only how to interpret the plot and characters but to write essays and exam answers which refer to the setting and the culture of the novel and its author - vital for achieving top grades in your English Literature GCSE! Successfully studying and revising Of Mice and Men requires you to have a good understanding of the plot of the book and the sequence of the action, which is concentrated into a short timeline. York Notes study guides will walk you through your revision of the plot and action so even if it's a while since you read the book, our bite-sized section-by-section plot summaries will make your revision more manageable. The study guide will take you through all the key characters in Of Mice and Men - Slim, George, Lennie, Candy, Curley and Crooks - as well as minor characters. You'll also explore key themes in Of Mice and Men such as human fragility, pessimism and optimism and racial prejudice. Exam revision for Of Mice and Men with the York Notes study guide includes GCSE-style sample exam answers, examiner's notes, sample essays and the Of Mice and Men Essay Wizard, and all the key quotes from Of Mice and Men you'll need to revise for your exams.
Release Date2010
AuthorMartin Stephen
FormatDimensions 21.0x29.8x0.5 cm
56 pages
PublisherPearson Education, Limited

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