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Cheapest Price for The Highway Code by Driving Standards Agency


The Highway Code


Driving Standards Agency



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Google Book Details:

DescriptionThis publication contains official guidance on correct road usage, applicable to all road users. Many of the rules of the Code are legal requirements and failure to comply with them constitutes a criminal offence. It provides information for drivers, pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists and horse riders, including instructions concerning animals, driving in adverse weather conditions, motorway driving, parking, breakdowns and accidents, road works and railway level crossings, signals and traffic signs, road and vehicle markings, vehicle maintenance safety and security, licence requirements and documentation, and first aid on the road. This updated edition also covers recent changes in legislation (2004), including regulations on the use of mobile phones. ISBN 0115526986 supersedes the 2004 revised ed. (ISBN 0115524495). Please note that ISBN 0115526986 does NOT include any new content and will not be sent to TSO Select or standing order customers who have already received ISBN 0115524495.
Release Date2004-05-24
AuthorDriving Standards Agency
FormatDimensions 11.2x21.0x20.4 cm
104 pages
PublisherThe Stationery Office
Subject(s)Business & Economics / Industries / Transportation

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