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An Illustrated History of Southern Wagons: Souther Railway Vol 4


G. Bixley



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'An Illustrated History of Southern Wagons: Souther Railway Vol 4' by G. Bixley.

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Google Book Details:

DescriptionThis book, the final volume in the Illustrated History of Southern Wagons series, takes a detailed look at the wagons built by the Southern Railway from 1923 to 1948. Previous volumes have covered the London, Brighton & South Coast Railway, the South Eastern and Chatham Railway, the London & South Western Railway and the Somerset & Dorset Joint Railway. The authors examine all the wagon types, including open and closed goods wagons, livestock and timber trucks and coal wagons built by and operated by the Southern Railway between 1923 and 1948. Southern Railway goods wagons could be seen throughout Britain but the Southern Railway itself operated from Kent right across the south of the country as far as Plymouth and Padstow, including south London. The book is well illustrated with an informative selection of photographs and line drawings produced specifically for this volume, most of which are drawn to 4mm scale and are especially useful to modellers. The great array of illustrative content is supplemented by well-informed text and detailed appendices.Both comprehensive and definitive, An Illustrated History of Southern Wagons Vol 4 is sure to become an essential source of reference for all those enthuslasts and modellers interested in the history of the Southern Railway.
Release Date2002
AuthorG. Bixley
FormatDimensions 22.8x29.0x1.9 cm
156 pages
PublisherOxford Publishing Company
Subject(s)Transportation / Railroads / General
Transportation / Railroads / History

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