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Underneath It All: A Collection of Poetry from the Depths of My Soul


Poetic Evolution



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'Underneath It All: A Collection of Poetry from the Depths of My Soul' by Poetic Evolution.

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Janet Irizarry, UK
I Cried - (5/5)
I felt such a deep connection and realness. She touched things deep within me and brought forth great emotion. Truly a magnificient book a outstanding poet.

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DescriptionUnderneath It All is bound to be the most inspirational, spiritual, heart-touching and sensual collection of poetry that you will ever read. Written in the ink of this poetas soulas blood, Poetic Evolution bleeds her soul onto paper. The powerful impact of the words come alive and holds you captive and leaves you wanting more. The realness of this writer absorbs you into the deepest part of her mind, body and soul; the love within her makes it possible for you to feel her heartbeat as her words touch through your skin directly to your soul. She shares every element of the simplistic and intricate experiences of her thoughts and life through verse and allows you to join her as she captures moments in time, as well as capturing her dreams. If you do not read anything else, you must read Underneath It All.
Release Date2007-04
AuthorEvolution Poetic
Sharon Moore-Daniel
FormatDimensions 15.2x22.9x1.3 cm
220 pages
PublisherAmerica Star Books
Subject(s)Poetry / American / General

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