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Cheapest Price for The Mighty Warrior of Tamora by Victor Akinrinmade


The Mighty Warrior of Tamora


Victor Akinrinmade



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Victor Akinrinmade, London
Quitters Don't Own. - (5/5)
This is a novel that is illustrated with poetry and letters. It shows the difficulty of growing up, beauty of falling in love and retaining the love. This is a book you will return to over and over again, and it is for both young and old alike. It is a book to have! This is a story about Ben who is a slow starter in life. His classmates makes fun of him whenever he talks in class, they nickname him 'Out of Point'. His parents were both very sad at is result, but is father is suprisingly understanding. In the night, he came into his room, sat in his bed for what seems a long time before he broke the silence. Placing his hand on Ben's hand, he said 'your mum and I will always love you no matter what my son. Things don't always look the way they seem; and it is the biggest tree in the forest that often have the most terrible time in growing up. 'Your grandfather use to say to me when I was a child that 'a man who is a man knows what he wants, make a decision and act upon it; he does not allow himself to be pushed around... he is is own master.' So Ben, when ever you fall, you just pick yourself up and move on and learn from your mistakes. You always have a chance to sink or swim; so when you fall the first time, you try and try and try again. I've never seen a quitter that ever own my son. After this encounter with is father, things never remain the same. buy a copy and see what you think!

Soska, GYBdCR0ugrv9
Whoa, I didn't know - (4/5)
Whoa, I didn't know that about Lara Stone... very odd choice, but moleds seem to need someone in their lives who make them laugh. Comedians tend to have pretty hot girlfriends/wives. I love both pairs. The top pair is definitely more of a statement shoe, but it's also 'trendier' since it looks A. Wang inspired. The second is one that will always be in fashion, but it's also not something that will spice up your outfit. It just depends what you're looking for in a shoe right now. If you lived in Paris, I'd say the second boot, but you're in London so everything goes!

Google Book Details:

DescriptionThe Mighty Warrior of Tamora is a book that explores many themes.It is a work that is written from the heart and the poems will touch both young and old readers alike.It is a book you will return to over and over again.
Release Date2005-06
AuthorVictor Akinrinmade
FormatDimensions 14.0x21.6x1.0 cm
180 pages
Publisherarima publishing

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